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WAT-SAN: Water & Sanitation

Navya Disha works with poor households to facilitate construction of toilets in individual homes. We encourage every family in the village to have its own water connection so they don’t have to trek for miles for potable water. We conduct extensive and in-depth awareness programs on the importance of building rainwater harvesting systems and ensuring safe disposal of waste by opting for biogas plants, composting and solid waste management programs.

Our WatSan program is implemented in the operational areas of Grameen Koota, in association with water.org. The objective is to increase access to improved sanitation facilities and promote access to clean and safe drinking water. We also provide skills training to local masons, in building low-cost and affordable models of sanitation.

We work closely with Grameen Koota which offers collateral-free microloans to their members to improve water and sanitation systems in their homes. We help non-Grameen Koota members in accessing subsidies under the Swachh Bharath Mission initiative after construction of toilets in their homes.

SUSHIKSHANA: Life skills program for rural students

Our Sushikshana program imparts life skills to complement the traditional curriculum. The objective is to give children a holistic learning experience that prepares them to enter the adult world with confidence. Our program also instils in them a sense of civic responsibility and makes them responsible citizens.

Sushikshana includes three components: Water-Sanitation-Hygiene (WASH) modules for 8th grade students of rural government schools; Financial Literacy including money management, household budgeting, saving and wealth creation for 9th grade students; and Career Guidance sessions for 10th grade students to help them make informed career choices.

Sushikshana is an interactive program designed to engage students in experiential learning activities. WASH committees are formed in each school or area, which includes local champions, students (boys and girls), parents and teachers, who drive the message of cleanliness and promote hygienic sanitation practices in the community.

SELF-SHAKTI: Leadership for rural women

The Self-Shakti program implemented by Buzz India delivers a leadership and financial literacy program through a travelling bus, to rural women at their doorstep. The decentralized model offers neighbourhood access to education and skill development for rural women. The Buzz Bus is a fully equipped mobile academy with trainers imparting money management and wealth creation skills along with leadership training to rural women at the bottom of the pyramid who are interested in self-employment and entrepreneurship.

The bus travels across all districts in Karnataka delivering its module to women as close to their homes as possible.

SUGRAMA – 100% open defecation free and WASH compliant villages

Our Sugrama project aims to achieve 100% sanitation coverage in all the target areas and create model villages, free from open defecation and with access to potable water in every household. Sugrama will encourage rural communities to adopt rain water harvesting and watershed techniques to improve groundwater level and adopt eco-friendly solid waste management and waste disposal systems.


Currently, this project is being implemented in two of the most underdeveloped Grama Panchayaths in Karnataka – Urdigere Grama Panchayath in Tumkur District and New Vantamuri Grama Panchayath in Belagavi District. Plans are afoot to cover the entire district under this project.