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Who We Are

Navya Disha, a not-for-profit organization, was established in 2005. We work to encourage, enable and equip poor households to improve their quality of life and lift themselves out of poverty. Our activities:

  1. enable poor households to get access to safe drinking water and individual sanitation facilities
  2. equip women to become self-reliant through our life skills training programs, such as financial literacy and entrepreneurship
  3. give access to meaningful life skills programs for rural children to supplement their academics
  4. offer career guidance and vocational training to young students

Our programs create awareness about water, sanitation, health, environment, financial literacy and education in villages. Grameen Koota, a micro-finance institution, has provided strong and consistent support to our projects and offers collateral-free loans to our communities to help them improve water and sanitation facilities in their homes.

Navya Disha works in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. We receive funding from Grameen Koota, Water.org, CITI and IFS for our various activities. We are proud to assert that more than 4,00,000 people have benefitted from our services.